Get A 100% Germ-Free Ambience With The Best Sanitization Services In Dubai

Do you feel brooming and mopping are sufficient to ensure a germ-free environment? If yes, then your consideration is not correct. Your space might still have some hidden germs.  Thus, you need to look for sanitization to make your space clean from disease-causing germs.

Our professional cleaners use the most effective disinfectants to clean up any space. So, are you ready to make your space sanitized and clean? At least we are!

What Makes Cleaning, Sanitization, and Disinfection Differ From Each Other?

Although cleaning, disinfection and sanitization look similar to each other, they are different for a lot of reasons.

The process of cleaning involves the removal of dirt, dust, and other impurities through scrubbing and mopping.

Whereas, the process of disinfection involves the killing of 100 per cent germs from any space. To disinfect a space, cleaners use harmful chemicals. Thus, it is not safe for a family with children or pets.

In comparison to the aforementioned processes, sanitizing involves the lowering of germs to a safer level. This process also requires disinfectants. However, those chemicals are of food grade so you need not worry about your children's or pet's health.


To make your space clean and hygienic, we use hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectants. We prefer this solution because it is easily applicable to all surfaces and is suitable to use around children and pets. We clean your space in the following stages:
  • Stage 1: At first, our cleaning agents reach your place to clean and wipe down the surface to remove dirt and dust particles. While doing so, our professionals wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kits.
  • Stage 2: After cleaning, it is time to spray the sanitizing liquid on the surface. To do so, we use specially designed fogger
  • Stage 3: Later on, we wait for around 20-25 minutes and then proceed to wipe all wet surfaces. This ensures zero residual chemicals on your flooring space.

Frequently Ask Questions

Sanitization is important for you because your regular cleaning practices are insufficient to prevent the growth of disease-causing germs. For this, you need to use disinfectants in a body-friendly proportion, which you can get with sanitization.

This thing basically depends on your space’s area and the usability of different spaces. For instance, you need to sanitize your bathroom twice a week, your kitchen space daily, and other spaces once a week.

To clear your house’s air from viruses, you can open your window and doors regularly for a certain period. Additionally, entry of direct sunlight will be beneficial to a greater extent. In case, you don’t have a sunlight facility then you should opt for disinfectants.